What Guatemala Is Famous For?

Are there any travel warnings for Guatemala?

Reconsider travel to Guatemala due to COVID-19.

Exercise increased caution in Guatemala due to crime.

Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Guatemala due to COVID-19..

What is the best time to go to Guatemala?

The best time to visit Guatemala is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. However, the country has a pleasant climate that lends itself to year-round trips, with temperatures between 72°F and 90°F.

What are 3 interesting facts about Guatemala?

11 Surprising Cultural Facts You Didn’t Know About GuatemalaThe national bird lends its name to the Guatemalan currency. … Guatemala means “land of many trees” … It has been inhabited for 20,000 years. … 22 languages are spoken in the country. … The CIA overthrew a socialist government in 1954. … The Guatemalan Civil War was the longest in Latin American history.More items…•

Is Guatemala safe 2020?

Despite having a reputation for crime, Guatemala is generally safe to visit. … For example, most violent crime is gang-related i.e. only affects locals living in certain areas. As such, the chances of a tourist becoming a victim are unlikely. And a fair few foreign tourists DO visit Guatemala.

Can I wear shorts in Guatemala?

Not many native Guatemalans wear shorts and revealing tops in public… … However, capri trousers, jeans, and tasteful tops are totally acceptable. Do pack comfortable sandals and walking shoes.

What are good things about Guatemala?

There are countless reasons to visit the beautiful, vibrant country of Guatemala, but these ones top the list:Mayan Ruins of Tikal.UNESCO-Inscribed Antigua.Relaxing Lake Atilan.Semuc Champey Waterfalls.Amazing Surfing and Swimming Beaches.A Lush and Virgin Jungle.Cheap Spanish Language Courses.More items…•

What is the national food of Guatemala?

PepianWhen visiting Guatemala, no trip would be complete without sampling the country’s national dish: Pepian. You’ll find it on almost every traditional restaurant menu.

What is a typical Guatemalan breakfast?

Breakfast — The typical breakfast in Guatemala is quite simple, usually anchored by some scrambled or fried eggs and accompanied by refried red or black beans and corn tortillas. … Guatemalan coffee is world renowned, and you’ll often get good strong coffee with your breakfast.

What does Peten mean?

Petén or Peten may refer to: … Petén Basin, the geographical/archaeological region of Mesoamerica and a center of the Maya civilization. Lake Petén Itzá, a lake in the Petén Basin region. The Hebrew name for the Boeing AH-64 Apache in Israeli service, meaning “Cobra” in English.

What products is Guatemala known for?

Economy of GuatemalaStatisticsExports$11.12 billion (2017 est.)Export goodssugar, coffee, petroleum, apparel, bananas, fruits and vegetables, cardamom, manufacturing products, precious stones and metals, electricityMain export partnersUnited States 33.8% El Salvador 11.1% Honduras 8.8% Nicaragua 5.1% Mexico 4.7% (2017)34 more rows

Is English spoken in Guatemala?

English is recognized as a co-official language even in Guatemala, where it is the first tongue of many inhabitants of Izabal Department. But a movement is afoot to make it the second tongue of all educated Guatemalans.

What is the national drink of Guatemala?

Alcohol. Gallo, a medium-strength lager, is the most popular beer in Guatemala, indeed many Guatemalan men consider it the national drink, and the brewer promotes it as “Nuestra Cerveza” (our beer).

Is Guatemalan Hispanic or Latino?

Guatemalans are the sixth-largest population of Hispanic origin living in the United States, accounting for 2% of the U.S. Hispanic population in 2017. Since 2000, the Guatemalan-origin population has increased 255%, growing from 406,000 to 1.4 million over the period.

Can you go to Guatemala?

Guatemala is part of the “Central America-4 (CA-4) Border Control Agreement” with El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Under that agreement, U.S. citizens who legally enter any of those four countries may travel freely among the other three countries for up to 90 days.

How hot does it get in Guatemala?

Guatemala’s lowland and coastal areas are typically the warmest parts of the country—they have an average annual temperature around 80°F (27°C), but during the months of March and April, the temperature can hang around 100°F (38°C).

What is Guatemala rainforest famous for?

Guatemala is famous for its amazing biodiversity. Many exotic species of animals and plants live in this biodiverse country. The Peten region in Guatemala is known world-wide for its tropical rainforests. Its rainforests are so dense and thick that it is extremely difficult to move through.

What is Guatemala favorite sport?

FootballFootball (soccer) is Guatemala’s most popular sport. The national team competes internationally, and Guatemalan players figure prominently in clubs in other national leagues, especially those of Mexico and Uruguay.

Why is Guatemala so dangerous?

According to the US Department of State, Guatemala’s high murder rate is caused by four principal factors: an increase in drug trafficking; a growing prevalence of gang-related violence; a heavily armed civilian population; and a weak and incompetent police/judicial system.