Quick Answer: Why Does Dustin Have Teeth In Season 2 But Not 3?

What’s with Dustin’s teeth in Stranger things?

Gaten Matarazzo, 17, who plays Dustin Henderson, was born with a disorder known as cleidocranial dysplasia (CCD) that leaves him with teeth stuck in his gums and no collarbones..

Does Gaten Matarazzo have fake teeth?

Gaten’s real-life diagnosis paved the way for his character’s on-screen nickname, Toothless. It also gave Gaten the opportunity in one scene to shut down a bunch of rude bullies who were strong-arming his character about his teeth. … These are fake teeth.

How did Dustin have teeth in Season 2?

The actor experienced a genetic condition called cleidocranial dyspladia with affects the way that teeth and bones are develops. The effects of the condition will vary in impact throughout the body and for Matarazz, this affected his teeth.

Who swears the most in Stranger things?

DustinDustin — Dusty, as his mother (Catherine Curtain, a gem) calls him — is the most frantic character in Stranger Things 2, and he cannot stop cursing. He swears when he can’t find Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard).

Did Dustin get his teeth?

Aside from wearing fake teeth, Dustin has undergone multiple surgeries to pull down his real teeth that have not yet grown in. “Surgery number three…… yippee,” he captioned a pic of himself at the dentist this past March. We’re happy Gaten shed light on people suffering with CCD.

Who died in Stranger things?

Chief Jim HopperStranger Things season 3 left one of its most disheartening plot developments for the very end: Chief Jim Hopper is dead, at least if you believe what you read in the Indianapolis Gazette.

Why does will cough up a slug?

What Was That Repulsive Slug Will Coughed Up? When Joyce and Hopper found Will in the Upside Down, he’d basically been intubated with a tentacle that kept him alive in a suspended state. Hopper had to yank that thing out of Will’s throat and then provide some (questionably rough) CPR to get him breathing again.

Does Billy die in Stranger things?

Billy uses that autonomy to stand up to the Mind Flayer’s monster, which the villain created to terrorize Eleven and her friends. In response, the monster claws into Billy repeatedly, eventually stabbing him through the chest with a tentacle. Billy is fatally wounded and dies once the gate to the Upside Down is closed.

How old is Gaten Matarazzo?

18 years (September 8, 2002)Gaten Matarazzo/Age

Why is Dustin from Stranger things toothless?

Dustin, nicknamed Toothless, has cleidocranial dysplasia which is a genetic condition affecting bone (particularly the skull and collarbones) and teeth development. … In The Jonathan Ross Show, Matarazzo revealed that he does not have collarbones and teeth because of his CCD.

Can you be born without collarbones?

Cleidocranial dysostosis (CCD), also called cleidocranial dysplasia, is a birth defect that mostly affects the bones and teeth. The collarbones are typically either poorly developed or absent, which allows the shoulders to be brought close together.

Did Barb die in Stranger things?

As the show became a word-of-mouth hit, the unapologetically marginal Barb, who gets killed by the Demogorgon in the third episode, became a sensation and even earned actress Shannon Purser an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of the loyal but scolding friend.

Does Gaten Matarazzo have a girlfriend 2020?

Gaten Matarazzo Gaten has been dating his girlfriend Lizzy Yu for over a year now and the two looked absolutely adorable when they headed to junior prom together in May.

Does Hopper die?

The third season finale of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” left the ensemble of characters believing the beloved chief of police Jim Hopper had died during the effort to re-close the Gate to the Upside Down. … Now, Netflix has officially confirmed Hopper is alive and well, but being held prisoner in Russia.

Who is the oldest stranger things kid?

Caleb McLaughlin plays the geeky Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things. He is the oldest of the Hawkins kids at 17-years-old. McLaughlin was born in Carmel, New York on October 13, 2001.