Quick Answer: Where Did The Phrase Over The Hill Come From?

Is by the way rude?

The phrase by the way is not especially informal, and you may freely use it in formal situations.

However, if you wish to use a variant which is more formal, then you could use a substitute such as: Speaking of which, This brings to mind..

Is this the hill you wanna die on Origin?

Etymology. An allusion to the military practice of capturing/holding a hill (high ground), no matter the cost or (lack of) benefit, as in the Battle of Hamburger Hill or Last Stand Hill. Usually used in the negative, as in “it’s not a hill I’m willing to die on”.

Is 40 considered over the hill?

Some sites proclaim that, as soon you turn 40, you’re over the hill. Apparently, forty is the average mid-point in life. Before that, you were a high-achieving young person. But after your 40th birthday, you are on the slow, irreversible decline to boring, musty old-age.

Where did the phrase by the way come from?

When “by the way” (or “by way”) first appeared in the 900s, its meaning was literal, according to the Oxford English Dictionary: “along or near the road by which one travels; by the road-side.” Around the year 1000, the phrase was first used to mean “while going along, in the course of one’s walk or journey.”

What does on the hill mean?

A phrase referring to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., where Congress meets: “They’re debating that nuclear waste issue on the Hill today.”

What’s a hail?

Hail is a type of precipitation, or water in the atmosphere. Hail is formed when drops of water freeze together in the cold upper regions of thunderstorm clouds. These chunks of ice are called hailstones. … Hail actually falls as a solid. Hailstones are formed by layers of water attaching and freezing in a large cloud.

Where did the term dressed to the nines come from?

Still another clothing origin suggests that the phrase descends from the Old English saying “dressed to the eyes,” which, because Old English was weird, was written as “dressed to then eyne.” The thinking goes that someone at some point heard “then eyne” and mistook it for “the nine” or “the nines.”

Why do they call it 40 winks?

William Kitchiner M.D. (1775–1827) was an optician, inventor of telescopes, amateur musician and exceptional cook. His name was a household word during the 19th century, and his Cook’s Oracle was a bestseller in England and America. The phrase forty winks, meaning a short nap, can be traced back to Dr.

What is the hill you will die on?

To explain, the “hill you die on” means a belief you’re willing to fight for, no matter the cost to yourself. Look, sure, while you might think some of these are frivolous, you can’t deny the reasoning behind them.

Is this hill worth dying for?

: : Not a hill worth dying for. What is the origin of this phrase? : The phrase has become very popular as a metaphorical question not related to hills. However, in military history hills have always been important, and an entrenched force on a hile is always a difficult foe.

What age is over the hill party?

40 yearsPlan an Over the Hill party for a guest of honor who is 40 years of age or older. Incorporate Over the Hill birthday ideas such as decorations, cake, games and favors to really emphasize the theme.

What does over the hill mean idiom?

Meaning. Being no longer young and unable to do what you once did. A humorous way of saying that someone is old, no longer attractive and energetic, or someone who can’t keep up with the young ones anymore.