Quick Answer: Is Stanley Barber Straight?

What era is I’m not okay with this?

What year does ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ take place.

Despite a plethora of pop culture references to the ’70s and ’80s — “It’s like if John Hughes made a superhero movie,” Netflix says of series — I Am Not Okay With This takes place in modern day, though that’s never explicitly stated..

Does Stanley like Syd?

Romantic. Stanley has had sex with Sydney, though Sydney realized afterward she thought it was awkward and she didn’t like him. He has a crush on her, but after realizing she likes someone else as Sydney tells him she kissed someone, he backs off more. … He realizes he and Syd are better off as friends.

Do Syd and Stanley end up together?

But in the series, she leans on Stanley to help her through this intense time in her life. In the show, Syd has friends who care about her and love her. While the two don’t end up having a romantic relationship, it’s refreshing to see a coming of age tale with a platonic friendship that opened the door for a Season 2.

How old is Stanley Barber?

Sixteen-year-old Wyatt Oleff plays high schooler Stanley Barber on Netflix’s new show “I Am Not Okay With This.” “I think it’s really lucky that we’re able to represent our own age at this time,” Oleff told Insider over the phone. “You don’t see that a lot.”

Do Syd and Dina get together?

Will Dina and Syd now get together? While Dina might have lost her boyfriend in the most gruesome way possible, there’s no denying that Syd and Dina would totally make a cute couple. Dina even defended Syd at the dance while Brad was revealing stuff in her diary.

Does Sydney have a crush on Dina?

Sydney has a crush on her best friend, Dina. She often gets jealous of Dina and Brad’s relationship. Later in the show, Syd loses her virginity to Stanley Barber—her close friend.

Who stole Syd’s diary?

With that taken care of, let’s cover what happened in Episode 7, “Deepest, Darkest Secret.” At the Homecoming dance, Brad (Ellis) opts to make a big speech in front of the entire school. He’s the one who stole Syd’s (Sofia Lillis) diary and proceeds to tell everyone that Syd is in love with Dina (Bryant).

How do you dress like a Stanley Barber?

A nice and crisp pair of coloured high-rise trousers at above waist height are also a Stanley Staple, paired with a blazer of similar colour and either a plain coloured printed t-shirt underneath or patterned buttoned up shirt. To top it off, he usually wears a good ol solid loafer, too.

Who took Syd’s diary?

BradThe DJ, however, sticks with “It Must Have Been Love” and Dina and Syd dance, but Brad crashes the stage to make a speech. Turns out he is the one who stole Syd’s diary, and he tells everyone that Syd is in love with Dina.

Does Syd kill Brad?

Brad is killed by Sydney after he takes her diary before the homecoming dance. … Sydney accidentally exploded his head before he got the chance to finish his sentence about how he believed she had superpowers.

What year is I’m not OK with this set in?

2006There’s still that sense of uncertainty during many moments here, but we can confirm it definitely takes place after 2006. There are many reasons to dispell the belief that it’s set in the eighties.

Why was I’m not okay with this Cancelled?

That shortcoming mixed with the financial difficulties and delays brought on by the pandemic have caused the downfall of Season 2. I Am Not Okay With This was officially canceled on August 21, 2020.