Question: What Everyday Object Is Like A Plasma Membrane?

What is a real life example of a lysosome?

Lysosomes are nicknamed “Cleanup Crews”.

Their function within a cell is break down food that the cell can use to destroy older cells.

A real-life example of lysosomes in a restaurant is the cleaning staff or busboys..

What 4 types of organisms have a cell wall?

The main kinds of organisms that have cell walls are plants, fungi, and certain prokaryotes (bacterial type cells). In plants, cell walls are mainly comprised of complex polysaccharides (sugar-based polymers) molecules such as cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectin.

What is a real life example of a Golgi body?

Golgi body can be the secretaries or the assisting managers which supports, checks, modifies and confirms the many tasks before it is passed into the nucleus and other organelles, they also dissiminate information.

What is a real life example of endoplasmic reticulum?

Thee proteins on the ribosomes collect in the Endoplasmic Reticulum to help transport the proteins throughout the cell. It is responsible for protein synthesis. A real life example of the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum would be traffic on a highway.

How a cell is like a house?

The cytoskeleton of a cell can be compared to the walls of a house. The walls of a house are similar to the cytoskeleton of a cell because they provide support for a house. They are also made of very strong material so the house will not collapse on itself.

What is like a chloroplast in real life?

Answer and Explanation: A real life example of a chloroplast would be solar panels. Solar panels are used in a variety of products these days, from phone charges, lawn…

What is nucleus in real life?

A membrane-bound organelle within a eukaryotic cell that contains most of the cell’s genetic material. DNA transcription takes place in the nucleus. A group of specialized nerve cells or a localized mass of gray matter in the brain or spinal cord.

What object is like a mitochondria?

Analogy: The mitochondria is like a battery because the mitochondria of the cell makes energy so the cell can use it. A battery provides energy for whatever it gets put in.

What can be compared to a cell membrane?

Function: Controls the movement of substances in and out of the cell and protects the cell from its surroundings. Analogy: The cell membrane can be compared to the front doors of a building because the front doors allow things to go in and out just as the cell membrane allows items to go in and out of the cell.

What is like a ribosome in real life?

The ribosomes in a cell are like the kitchen in a house. It is similar to ribosomes using amino acids to make proteins. The endoplasmic reticulum, or ER, transports things across the cell, and helps make proteins and lipids. The mitochondrion are like the electricity in a house.

How a cell works like a factory?

The cytoplasm contains the organelles, just like how the factory floor contains all the machines and workers. The cytoskeleton of a cell maintains the cells shape. … The cell membrane regulates what enters and leaves the cell, similar to factories shipping department.

What is the plasma membrane like in real life?

It contains all of the DNA in the cell. The real life example is like the brain to a human. It makes protiens for the cell in which amino acids are hooked together to make the proteins. It works as a packaging system.

What is a real life example of cell wall?

If a plant cell is like a water balloon, the cell wall is like a cardboard box that protects the balloon. The balloon is protected from the outside world by a structure that provides protection and support.

What kind of every day object is like the nucleus?

The nucleus is the cell’s “brain”. An everyday item that reminds me of a nucleus is your brain because it controls what your body does. The nuclear membrane is around the outside of the nucleus. It keeps DNA in the nucleus and lets out messenger RNA (mRNA) and proteins when need be.

Where can you compare the cell membrane in real life?

Answer. Cell membrane can be compared to the front doors of a building because the front doors allow things to go in and out just like cell membrane. They are also like plastic bag according to Cell theory. They also protect the cell from bad things like security Guard.

How a cell is like a school?

A cell membrane controls what is allowed to enter and exit a cell, like a school security guard controls what is allowed in and out of school. Cell walls are like school doors. A cell wall filters what goes into the cell, like school doors are a filter for a school. … Smooth ER are like school buses.

What is mitochondria like in real life?

Mitochondria are found in both plant and animal cells. It is the site where cellular respiration happens. It is the cells power house and they release energy for cell functions. Just like in real life if energy wasn’t around us we would not be able to do anything.