Question: How Old Is Spooky From On My Block?

How old is Julio from on my block?

30 years oldJulio Macias Bio/ WikiBio/WikiAge30 years old (As of 2020)ProfessionActorFamous ForNetflix’s On My BlockBirthplaceUnited States35 more rows•Nov 8, 2019.

Who killed Cuchillos?

As Cesar’s brother, Spooky, continued leading within the Santos, he got more worried about the rival gang, 19th Street. He then realized Cuchillos was the reason his father went to jail so he tried to make a deal with 19th Street to take her out. They held true to the truce and 19th Street seemingly killed Cuchillos.

Did they kill Oscar on my block?

Of course, it’s not Oscar whose corpse lies in the woods, but Cuchillos herself, murdered before Cesar could get to her and do something he can’t take back. Oscar is alive if a little beat-up, with Abuelita tending his wounds. The squad doesn’t find that out until later, but they return from the woods a changed group.

Is Lil Ricky alive on my block?

The season 3 trailer revealed that Lil’ Ricky is alive in On My Block, which is a cool twist and everything. … If you recall, the ’81 RollerWorld heist at the core of so much On My Block drama involved three members of the Santos gang: Benito, Frankie, and Lil’ Ricky. The first two were arrested, and they died in prison.

Who is Lil Ricky on my block?

Lil Ricky is a character in “On My Block”. He is the founder of the Santos Gang.

How old is spooky from on my block in real life?

30Julio Macias (Oscar, aka Spooky): Age 30 The actors are eight years apart in real life, which seems about right based on their storylines.

Is on my block ok for 12 year olds?

“On My Block,” according to Netflix, “may be unsuitable for children ages 14 and under,” which means that the characters it tracks are barely old enough to watch it.

Who died on my block?

Netflix’s most binged show of 2018 returned with an equally fun and emotional season 2, which quickly resolved the fates of Olivia (Ronni Hawk) and Ruby (Jason Genao), who had been shot in the season 1 finale. We catch up with Ruby being released from the hospital and still mourning the death of Olivia.

Where is Little Ricky on my block?

As soon as On My Block season 3 begins, we learn that Monse, Cesar, Jamal and Ruby have been kidnapped by Cuchillos. Cuchillos is the leader of the Santos and she reveals that Lil’ Ricky is alive and in hiding.

Is Ruby from on my block Mexican?

Jason Genao as Ruben “Ruby” Martinez Jr., a smart-aleck math whiz of Mexican descent often serving as the group’s conscience. Brett Gray as Jamal Turner, the nerd of the group, who is African-American.

Is Spooky a real gangster?

Lil Spooky is also known by his real name, Oscar Diaz. Lil Spooky is Cesar’s (Diego Tinoco) older brother and is the leader of the Santos gang. He even has the Santos cross tattooed on his neck. Spooky is around 19-20 years old and many people are scared of him, hence the nickname Spooky.

Is spooky in Selena?

Julio Macias, who plays the beloved Spooky on Netflix’s On My Block, will play Pete Astudillo, a prominent Tejano artist and former backup vocalist for Selena y Los Dinos.

How old is Oscar from on my block?

19-25 years oldPhysical Appearance. Oscar has an average to fairly fit body and is 19-25 years old. He has a shaved head, mustache, and goatee.

Does spooky from on my block die?

No, Spooky doesn’t die in On My Block. In the penultimate episode of season 3 – episode 7 – he is imprisoned in a box and held at gunpoint, forced to bargain with his captor and ask: “wanna be a shooter or a shot-caller?”

Why did Selena leave Monse?

Julia eventually confesses to Monse that she is her mother. However, it is soon revealed that she had left because of Monse because of the way that she had looked. During season three, Julia Whitman (Selena Finnie) commits suicide.